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You take the uncommon role of a paper airplane exploring everyday objects. Inspired by 'ToyStory' and 'Flower', the inanimate world becomes animated as these everyday objects become a challenge to a piece of paper. Though flight and whimsical exploration, you venture through the interactive house wondering the origin and purpose of your flight.

(4 week project - my first game project in 2012)



Cindy To | Level Designer, 2D Storyboard Artist, 3D Artist
Website: cindyto.com

Wilson Villegas | Character Designer, Programmer, 3D Artist
Website: wilsonadvance.com

John Stump | 3D Artist, Level Designer

Install instructions

A windows version is available below - Just install, unzip, and play Charlie.exe !


Charlie_-_Builds-2016-02-22.zip 16 MB